About Me

“Learning to let go begins with understanding why you’ve been hanging on”

Terri Trespicio

After moving back to Austin, I joined TAAP, Texas Association of Addiction Professionals where I served on the board as Vice President and President during my four years. ​I also taught at ACC Austin Community College for five years in the LCDC
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program. 

Currently, I’m in Private Practice in North Austin. I completed the three years of Somatic Experience training created by Dr. Peter Levine in 2016 and then earned her certificate in BASE  Bodywork and Somatic Education with Dave Berger in 2017.  

My nature is one of non-judgment. I am skillful and empathetic when working with clients and families, and I believe that through our own willingness to heal and move forward, the journey has already begun. Giving ourselves permission to change or discover new ways of being opens new doors.

My deep passion stems from the belief that within each of us rests the innate ability to heal.

I work with my clients to discover new paths and empower them to take the next step in their journey. I create a safe and nurturing place for my clients to freely and openly express themselves. I consider it a privilege to be a therapist and respect the uniqueness of each person’s story.  

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